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Community through Creativity

Painting on Art Scramble West Concord community art project

Community Art

It takes a Village to make a Village. It is our mission at the Village Art Room to bring life and vitality to our community. We do this in part by collaborating with local businesses, and with social service organizations in making public art that engages community members in its execution, and that enhances the community through its message and its aesthetic appeal.

We will always have a community art project that anyone can contribute to during our Open Studio Drop-in Times and during ART JAM.

Artists Create Change Together, ACCT: We support the Umbrella Community Art Center’s

ART JAM free drawing evening with instructors from Village Art Room


Bring friends and family. All ages invited to attend. Relax, make some art, enjoy some music and good company. This is free! Sponsored by Three Stones Gallery. We provide supplies and drawing projects. There is always a community art project that you can contribute to, as well as artist trading cards, coloring cards.

Friends at an art social event

Open Studio Times

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy playing with art supplies! We have projects to suit everyone, whether “artistic” or not: make a stamp, paint your sneakers, make a pop-up card, use collage supplies to make your portrait, or a greeting card. The possibilities are nearly endless. You will find a pleasant, sunny studio and welcoming art coaches who will guide you in the project of the day, or give you a tour of the supplies and projects that are available at any time.

Adults and teens are welcome. Check out as well Kid’s Drop-in Time. Pay at the Art Room with cash, credit card or check. 15$ for the first hour, then $5 per half hour.

Most weekdays during the summer, 10:00am to 1:00pm. But see the calendar for changes to that schedule.


What We Offer









Independent Studio Time

Independent work time for your on-going projects. Inquire about studio availability.



ART Making Marathon was an experience of deep artistic joy at the Village Art Room this evening, with all ages and stages of the creative journey working on a project. Really exceptional. I’ll spread the word to artists in my sphere.”
— Nanri Tenny
Village Art Room is an incredible concept executed perfectly by kind and talented people. Margot makes lessons rewarding for everyone, regardless of skill level, which is an experience you won’t find anywhere else.
— DH
What a wonderful experience to release your artistic talents in a friendly and relaxed space. Margot provides just enough instruction to guide you while allowing the freedom to explore.
— KJ

Our mission

To bring joy and vitality to the local community through the making of creative works, while lightening our impact on the environment by sharing resources.

We believe that

The following is vital to the health and happiness of individuals and of society:

Real face to face, not just virtual, community

The making and experiencing of creative work

The sharing of resources, both for forming the bonds of community, and to lighten our impact on the environment.

our goals

Developing an art-making space and both personal and community art-making programs that are affordable to many

Using, when possible, donated and recycled materials and equipment

Collaborating with local businesses to create connections with the community

Enriching our community spaces with creative works