Volunteers are essential to the vitality and the mission of the Village Art Room! They make it possible to fulfill our mission of being affordable to as many as possible, and they bring energy, humor, insights, skills and their own connections to the community. To inquire, write to Margot at margot@villageartroom.com, or Grazia at grazia@villageartroom.com

Greeters for Working Independently Time, WIT

Assistants for Drop-in Studio Time, and Birthday Parties

Assistants at Events

Organizing the studio and supplies

Preparation of materials for classes and events

Administration assistance

Marketing and outreach

Putting posters and flyers around town

Working on Community Art Projects



Anything done by volunteers can be done as barter, in exchange for time and use of equipment and supplies. To inquire, write to Pixie at pixie@villageartroom.com


We are currently seeking interns for Administrative assistance, marketing and outreach. To inquire, write to Grazia at grazia@villageartroom.com


We are recruiting teachers for classes, birthday parties and Drop-in Studio Time. Perhaps you have a class or workshop you would like to suggest? Write to Margot at margot@villageartroom.com

Community Art Projects

Making art for the community is a big part of the Village Art Room. Sometimes we have some funding and can pay our artists, and at other times we take on projects just for the good and the fun of it, using donated materials and time. If you would like to be on our list for artists interested in working on community projects, please let us know. Write to Margot at margot@villageartroom.com

Donations of Things

Your clutter can bring creative joy to children, teens and adults working at the Village Art Room. It may become the foundation of a community art project. Since opening our doors in January, our volunteers have sorted, organized and labeled bags, boxes and piles of donated art and crafts supplies and equipment. Help us fulfill our dual missions of making our programs affordable, and living lightly on the planet by bringing your donations. Contact Margot at margot@villageartroom.com

Donation of Money

We keep our fees as low as possible, in order to bring the opportunity of creative work to as many as possible. We offer sliding scale (contact Grazia on that at grazia@villageartroom.com), but we know that many people who have too much money to apply for sliding scale, don’t have enough money to afford the full cost of our programs, so our fees do not fully cover the cost. If you are able to sponsor another student as well as paying for yourself, please do so. And donate to our “It Takes a Village” campaign. We are still in need of start up funds. We can assure you that your donation is well spent! We are mostly volunteer run and we keep our overhead costs as low as possible. Still working on our donation and sponsor buttons, meanwhile, please direct inquiries to Grazia@villageartroom.com and Margot@villageartroom.com