Our Story

Margot Kimball, founder of Village Art Room

Margot Kimball - Founder

I have been an active member of the West Concord art community for over 20 years making, displaying and selling art, as well as, teaching and organizing public art projects. From 2008 to 2010, I formed the Concord Youth Art League, an after school program for children with the assistance of parents. From 2010 to 2013, I lived in Madrid (Spain) where I came to enjoy working in sociable art studio settings. I believe that community is formed and ecology is improved when we share resources. So, the VILLAGE ART ROOM has begun in the studio that I have had for nearly 20 years with the excess art supplies and equipment that I amassed over my lifetime. I welcome others to join me in this adventure. You can contact me at: margot@villageartroom.com, Tel: 978 540 0221


Grazia de la Cruz - Operations Manager

Although an artist at heart, my fate has been to organize. As an administrator, I have disentangled and re-organized everything from magnetized paper clips to databases, from Kindergarten dismissals to live video events, from bank reconciliations to cross-examinations at court. I love listening to alternative jazz which helps me analyze, fix and create maximum chi flow in organizations. I am trained in classical ballet, modern dance and West-African dance. I hold a BA in English Literature with a minor in studio and performing arts (dance, poetry and drawing), a master’s degree in Ethnic Coexistence and Conflict Resolution and a Bookkeeping Certification from the NEBES. I am also a Notary Public. If you have any questions or need something notarized, please email me or just come on over! You can contact me at: grazia@villageartroom.com, Tel: 617 513 1596


‘Pixie’ - Fairyfolk Representative & Art Instructor

Ever since I have been three years old, I have been picking tiny bouquets of wild grasses for my mother, planting vegetables and herbs, playing with bugs, toads and snakes and creating tiny books with tiny drawlngs. I love to draw, play the guitar and sing. I attended the Waldorf School in Lexington for Pre-School and Kindergarten, St. Mary’s Catholic School in Winchester for elementary school and I graduated from Concord Carlisle High School where I was part of C12 in the Rivers and Revolutions Program. This program changed my life and motivated me to get involved in teaching & healing arts. In this picture, I am carving out a stamp. At the Village Art Room, I will be monitoring and coaching children’s drop-off sessions, workshops and classes. You can contact me at: pixie@villageartroom.com, Tel: 617 530 0824

Our mission

To strengthen the local and extended community of West Concord through the making of creative works, while lightening our impact on the environment by sharing resources.

We believe that

The following is vital to the health and happiness of individuals and of society:

Real face to face, not just virtual, community

The making and experiencing of creative work

The sharing of resources, both for forming the bonds of community, and to lighten our impact on the environment.

our methods

Developing an art-making space that is affordable and available to many

Using, when possible, donated and recycled materials and equipment

Developing programs for making community art, as well as personal art making

Collaborating with local businesses to create connections with the community

Enriching our community spaces with creative works