Meet the Team

I have been an active member of the West Concord art community for over 20 years making, displaying and selling art, as well as, teaching and organizing public art projects. From 2008 to 2010, I formed the Concord Youth Art League, an after school program for children with the assistance of parents. From 2010 to 2013, I lived in Madrid (Spain) where I came to enjoy working in sociable art studio settings. I believe that community is formed and ecology is improved when we share resources. So, the VILLAGE ART ROOM has begun in the studio that I have had for nearly 20 years with the excess art supplies and equipment that I amassed over my lifetime. I welcome others to join me in this adventure. You can contact me at:, Tel: 978 540 0221

Grazia de la Cruz - Operations Manager

Although an artist at heart, my fate has been to organize. As an administrator, I have disentangled and re-organized everything from magnetized paper clips to databases, from Kindergarten dismissals to live video events, from bank reconciliations to cross-examinations at court. I love listening to alternative jazz which helps me analyze, fix and create maximum chi flow in organizations. I am trained in classical ballet, modern dance and West-African dance. I hold a BA in English Literature with a minor in studio and performing arts (dance, poetry and drawing), a master’s degree in Ethnic Coexistence and Conflict Resolution and a Bookkeeping Certification from the NEBES. I am also a Notary Public. If you have any questions or need something notarized, please email me or just come on over! You can contact me at:, Tel: 617 513 1596

‘Pixie’ - Fairyfolk Representative & Art Instructor

Ever since I have been three years old, I have been picking tiny bouquets of wild grasses for my mother, planting vegetables and herbs, playing with bugs, toads and snakes and creating tiny books with tiny drawlngs. I love to draw, play the guitar and sing. I attended the Waldorf School in Lexington for Pre-School and Kindergarten, St. Mary’s Catholic School in Winchester for elementary school and I graduated from Concord Carlisle High School where I was part of C12 in the Rivers and Revolutions Program. This program changed my life and motivated me to get involved in teaching & healing arts. In this picture, I am carving out a stamp. At the Village Art Room, I will be monitoring and coaching children’s drop-off sessions, workshops and classes. You can contact me at:, Tel: 617 530 0824

Mike in front of Banner.jpg

Mike Sprague has designed and painted artwork for the Art Room, for Open Table, and for Artists Create Change Together. He has used his carpentry skills, moving large items with his son, Ben, (thank you, Ben!), added a bit of common sense to planning discussions, and as important as anything, shared his unwavering enthusiasm for the community and the projects of the Village Art Room. Mike is a nurse in the E.R. room of Emerson Hospital, troop leader for the Boyscouts, and a fabulous gardener. Wow.

Iris and Anne Marie, smaller.jpg

Like her mother, Margot Kimball, Iris Johnson has a talent for making art and making friends, and making her friends make art! Sadly for the Art Room, she decided to go to college (Oberlin, in Ohio) and is only occaisionaly available to make signs and bring her friends into the studio.

Anne Marie, happily for us, does not live in Ohio. She lives in Acton and is a frequent contributor to events, planning and preparations at the Art Room. Anne Marie has a regular art group, the Pop Up Art Studio, that meets at Acton Boxborough High School. She has artistic talent, good humor and common sense. what a combination!


Jennifer Johnston is the owner of Three Stones Gallery in West Concord, just across Comm. Ave. from the Village Art Room. Jennifer is also an artist and has been an important adviser and supporter of the Art Room right from the beginning, when it started out as ART GYM. Jennifer and Margot have conspired and collaborated on many community art projects over the past 20 years. Here you see them at an Open Table fundraiser in 2010, where they teamed up for a cake decorating competition.


Duncan Noble is one of the many creative young adults that we are so fortunate to have lending their skills to our endeavors. Here he is wearing a shirt that he screen printed with his own design. This was a BIG favorite at our first Paint-a-Shirt event in August.


Nancy Ames is a massage therapist by trade and an artist by inclination. Many of us at the Art Room have benefited from her skill and compassion when she has offered a therapeutic massage at that critical, stressful moment. Here Kim Haverstock is the lucky recipient. Nancy has also been incredibly generous with donating supplies to the Art Room. The little cart that we wheel down the hall between the two rooms has probably saved me personally from needing a massage or two!

Jack Demuth

Jack Demuth has lent his carpentry skills, and his carpentry tools to many an improvement in our space. Jack’s main artistic output has been furniture made of tree branches. Jack has a great sense of humor and is all around a lovely person to have on a team.


Olda is a Russian goddess with an adorable puppy named Mikhail. Olga has an extensive art education from her home city of St. Petersburg. She can design and draw like nobody’s business, and has lent her talents to many paintings at the Village Art Room and ACCT, Artists Create Change Together.

Linc with painted shirt

The Village Art Room has been the fortunate recipient of Linc Francis’s many talents going back to December when we were first renovating the space to be a community art space. Linc has painted walls (and patiently done the wall again, and maybe even again, when Margot has changed her mind on the color!) and painted pictures, and sanded desks and sorted art supplies and made screens for prints and moved furniture (and moved it back again, and maybe again. That Margot!) We are very sad to say that Linc decided to return to college in the fall. (kidding! sort of) They are a sophomore at Umass, Lowell. Close enough to come to the Art Room on the occaisional weekend, we hope!!


Denise Howard has contributed her artistic talents, organizational abilities, compassionate presence, a helping hand and much good advice to our endeavors. Denise is especially interested in fiber arts. It is a joy to have you walk in the door.

Matthew Dunkle

Matthew Dunkle is endlessly creative: musically, visually, and in the manner in which he rides his bike, being best known around town as “that crazy guy on a bike”. He can play a trumpet like an angel while pedaling and holding a kite. Matthew has been a big help at the Art Room, prepping materials, moving stuff around, putting up posters, and entertaining with his surprising improvs.

Joan Kimball

Joan Kimball is not only a very helpful and reliable volunteer at the Art Room, she is a creative inspiration to her daughter, Margot. She became a poet at the age of 70 and, 17 years later, heads up two local poetry groups, and recently had a poetry collection accepted for publication. Among many things, she cataloged our collection of art books, which we hope to make available for lending.

Susan and her painted shirt

Susan Ward is a neuroscientist who loves doing art. Happily for us, she also likes to work with people from the disability community and has become a regular volunteer at Art for All. Thank you, Susan!

Kim and Ariel.JPG

Kim Haverstock and Ariel Chin were two of the first creators of ART GYM, precursor to the Village Art Room. We still benefit from the infrastructure they set up, and we we welcome you back to make stuff with us!

the three boys.jpg

Truly, it takes a village! Here are Mike Sprague, Cory Peck, of Peck Construction LLC, and Jack Demuth after moving Art Scramble to the third floor gallery of the Umbrella Community Art Center,

ICL Imaging, reuse of materials (2).JPG

You don’t have to actually come to the Village Art Room to be part of the team! Jim Lyons has made a significant difference to what we are able to offer people by donating discards from ICL Imaging in Framingham. They make enormous visual displays, like billboards and generate a heap of materials that end up in the land fill. Jim is an avid environmentalist and has made a concerted effort to see that some of that waste becomes artwork. Thank you, Jim!


Volunteers are essential to the vitality and the mission of the Village Art Room! They make it possible to fulfill our mission of being affordable to as many as possible, and they bring energy, humor, insights, skills and their own connections to the community. Meet some of our volunteers on “Our Story” page. To inquire, write to Margot at, or Grazia at

Greeters for Working Independently Time, WIT

Assistants for Drop-in Studio Time, and Birthday Parties

Assistants at Events

Organizing the studio and supplies

Preparation of materials for classes and events

Administration assistance

Marketing and outreach

Putting posters and flyers around town

Working on Community Art Projects



Anything done by volunteers can be done as barter, in exchange for time and use of equipment and supplies. To inquire, write to Pixie at


We are currently seeking interns for Administrative assistance, marketing and outreach. To inquire, write to Grazia at


We are recruiting teachers for classes, birthday parties and Drop-in Studio Time. Perhaps you have a class or workshop you would like to suggest? Write to Margot at

Community Art Projects

Making art for the community is a big part of the Village Art Room. Sometimes we have some funding and can pay our artists, and at other times we take on projects just for the good and the fun of it, using donated materials and time. If you would like to be on our list for artists interested in working on community projects, please let us know. Write to Margot at

Karla Collins is so new to the Art Room, we don’t yet have photo for her! Karla has a degree in art education, she has volunteered extensively with SNAP in Lexington and will be lead teacher at the Art Room for Art for All. Karla also lives in spitting distance to the Art Room in West Concord Village.

Donations of Things

Your clutter can bring creative joy to children, teens and adults working at the Village Art Room. It may become the foundation of a community art project. Since opening our doors in January, our volunteers have sorted, organized and labeled bags, boxes and piles of donated art and crafts supplies and equipment. Help us fulfill our dual missions of making our programs affordable, and living lightly on the planet by bringing your donations. Contact Margot at

Donation of Money

We keep our fees as low as possible, in order to bring the opportunity of creative work to as many as possible. We offer sliding scale (contact Grazia on that at, but we know that many people who have too much money to apply for sliding scale, don’t have enough money to afford the full cost of our programs, so our fees do not fully cover the cost. If you are able to sponsor another student as well as paying for yourself, please do so. And donate to our “It Takes a Village” campaign. We are still in need of start up funds. We can assure you that your donation is well spent! We are mostly volunteer run and we keep our overhead costs as low as possible. Still working on our donation and sponsor buttons, meanwhile, please direct inquiries to and