Studio Time

Drop-In and Drop-Off

Studio Time for Everyone, 6 and up

Tuesdays 1:30 to 3:30

Elementary and Middle Schoolers are welcome to come, with parents or without. But do fill out a form if you drop your kids off!

Just $16 with the Creative Current-cy card, or $20 cash, credit or check. Many art supplies available for your own creative play, or join in on one of our community art projects, Art Room creative team on hand to assist:

Global Hands for Peace, make a hand for this international art project. We hope to have at least 100 by December, when they will be displayed at Reasons to be Cheerful.

Fanciful Flavors: Make up an ice cream flavor and add to our growing collection of ice cream cones to be displayed in December at Reasons to be Cheerful.

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Donations: Our mission at the Village Art Room is to be as inclusive as possible. We strive to keep our costs down, and the price of admission does not fully cover our costs. If you have the means, please consider a donation to the Art Room.

Creative Current-cy Punch Cards

You can also save money while showing your support for the Village Art Room by buying our Creative Current-cy punch cards:

-$100 worth of sessions for $80

-$60 worth of sessions for $50

-Creative Current-cy Gift Certificates for $20

Art for all

Wednesdays, 1:00 to 3:00 pm

Our friends from Minuteman Arc for Human Services come each week at this time. Staff and volunteers of the Village Art Room assist participants in art and craft projects. Some to take home, and others will become part of community art projects. Water colors, oil pastels, and collage materials, and more. Examples of projects are making cards, using stencils to decorate clothing, and making art for a show at Reasons to be Cheerful. We may have space for more participants, inquire at