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Tuesday Afternoons at the Art Room. Elementary and Middle School

1:30 to 5:30: Come enjoy the Art Room! Children 6 and up, elementary and middle schoolers.

Parents: Come with your child (children) or drop them off. If you drop off, we must have a release form. We LOVE working with kids who are excited about being here and making things. Please don’t bring them and leave them if they are not. We don’t have the staff to work with reluctant children.

It is just $20 for up to 2 hours, $5 for each additional hour, to use the basic studio supplies including brushes, watercolor, colored pencils and markers, tapes, glues, papers, wires and much more than we could possibly write down! Some supplies require additional fees. See below how you can get a 20% discount with a Creative Current-cy Card!

Projects: Make your own thing with the supplies! Or, add to the collection of Fanciful Flavors of ice cream for a show at Reasons to be Cheerful, or make a hand for peace for the International Global Hands for Peace Project, or bring in a t-shirt and paint it. $5 for a second item to paint.

Stenciling and painting clothes and accouterments: bring a t-shirt, a canvas bag, other cotton fabric items and paint them with stencils, paint markers and brushes. The first item comes with admission, second item is $5. Please understand, we need to cover the cost of paint and clean up!

Pay at the Studio with cash, check or credit or Creative Current-cy card.

Creative Current-cy Cards: buy a $100 Card for just $80, or a $50 card for $45. Good for up to a year from the date of purchase. If you have a release for for your child and a Creative Current-cy Card file, they can come on their own to the Art Room.

Donations: Our mission at the Village Art Room is to be as inclusive as possible. We strive to keep our costs down, and the price of admission does not fully cover our costs. If you have the means, please consider a donation to the Art Room.