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Kids Drop-Off, ages 6-11, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Drop-off your children for a couple of hours after lunch at the Village Art Room, Monday-Thursday for a relaxing, community oriented art experience while you run errands, go to an appointment or meet a friend for coffee.

We provide a safe & comfortable, naturally lit community art space, fully stocked with art supplies for your children to use. We offer projects children can jump in on, both collaborative community oriented as well as personal projects, like drawing, painting, stenciling, collages & hand crafts.

Children can also bring a project or idea from a previous session that they would like to start or finish. Basic art supplies like paper, pencils, colored pencils, non-toxic paint and pan water colors are included in the Drop-Off Studio fee of $25/session. You are welcome to pick up your child anytime within the two hour period.

Please note: We are passionate about helping kids work creatively, but Drop-Off Studio is not a baby-sitting service. A lot of people work closely in a space filled with art supplies and equipment. Please don’t leave your child if they are likely to be disruptive and need a lot of attention.

The daily session fee is $25 or $80 for Monday-Thursday, a sliding scale fee is also available upon request. You can pay over the phone by calling Margot at 917-540-0221 or pay with cash, check or credit card when you arrive for your children’s first session. Please remember to bring an oversized t-shirt or smock for your children if you are concerned about their clothing. Also, we require that all children have a Release/Waiver on file which you can fill out before leaving your children with us for the first time. No charge to come by and check things out!