Community Art Projects

We can help you throw a creative party as a fundraiser. Contact us to find out more. It is our part of our mission to further good causes through creativity.

This year we had evenings of ‘Zentangling” for Project Bread and the Walk for Hunger. This fund raising money went to increase awareness and expand community solutions to hunger.

Artists Create

change together

ACCT is a program of the Umbrella Community Arts Center. VILLAGE ART ROOM is an avid supporter of this program. Local artists gather monthly to paint mural-like banner for local nonprofit organizations and community action groups. Clients have included: Climate Solutions Speaker Series, Librarian for Science, Open Table, National Park Service Wild and Scenic Rivers.

Let us know if you need a banner! ACCT is taking the summer off, but we are always eager to hear of people who want to paint with us, and of organizations looking for banners. Contact us for either at

Lowell City of Learning Banner.jpg

Art scramble

The West Concord District Cultural Committee comissioned Artists Create Change Together, ACCT, to make a 3 by 6 ft painting in celebration of West Concord and bluegrass music for Art Week, 2019. The painting was then reproduced as 288 3 x 3 images. Over 200 people, in and around West Concord, reproduced the squares onto 6 x 6 inch tiles, producing a 6 x 12 foot painting.

The composite painting and the original painting was revealed on Saturday, May 4th, as a part of Art Week 2019, just before a bluegrass concert hosted by the Concord Conservatory of Music at the West Concord Union Church.

The original painting of Art Scramble, of people and places in West Concord, can be seen in the display window of the West Concord 5 and Dime.

Art Scramble, reduced.jpg
Art Scramble completed.JPG

The completed 6 x 12 Foot Painting is on view at the Umbrella Center for the Arts third floor Gallery

Zentangle meditative design
Artists Create Change Together banner made by volunteers from Village Art Room
Painting a section of the Art Scramble community art project in West Concord, MA